“The Heavens” Collection
Experiment 1A
15 ml Round Bottle

This experimental polish is a gray based polish with strong purple shimmer and a hint of yellow gold shimmer depending on the viewing angle. It glimmers with specks of green, blue and purple for an additonal subtle shimmer. The name is a genus of atmospheric cloud generally characterized by thin, wispy strands, giving the type its name from the Latin word cirrus, meaning a ringlet or curling lock of hair.

This polish is opaque in 2-3 coats. A clear base coat is always recommended to avoid any nail staining.

A gloss topcoat is recommended.

This polish is 10-free.

Images are taken in sunlight or lamps that mimic sunlight. The color may be slightly different in person due to your computer monitor settings. Looking for images on a live hand? Send us a message and we’ll get that to you!

Pi Colors Experimental Nail Lacquers are custom batches of handmade nail polish colors with a variety of effects as described in each product description. Batches are limited in availability to what is in stock. For polishes with color changing effects, we recommend using them within 1 yr of purchase to experience the effects at their best.

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